Master the Shot

Develop a shooter's mind set, train effectively to become a better & a stronger shooter.


Master the Shot - Weekend Session

This course is designed to help players develop a shooter's mind set and train effectively to become better and stronger shooter. An excellent opportunity for players to learn basic shooting fundamentals to increase confidence, range and accuracy on their shot.

Do you want to become a better shooter?

Are you eager to develop your skill?
Matolops Basketball will help you reach the next level.

What you'll learn:

Learn on how to improve your footwork and mentality to increase your shooting percentage, through high rep shooting drills. Learn how to be more consistent and effective with your feet, master how to be more confident, learn how to be mentally tough, and how to become a better shooter. Master how great shooters think, feel, and train.


Open to Boys and Girls Ages 10 - 16 yrs.

Tuition Fee

Regular tuition fee: $115 per player
Limited Space

Session Schedule

Friday Evening:

6:00pm - 9:00pm | Class & Court Session
Saturday Morning:

9:00am - 2:00pm | Class & Court Session

What to bring:

  • Basketball (with your name on it)

  • A pen/pencil & a note book

  • Water Bottle (with your name on it)

  • Food for lunch and/or Snacks times

  • Extra spending money as there will be Matolops Basketball gear on sale at check-in and check-out

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