• Master the Training Academy

    A unique learning environment for players to improve on all aspects of the game.
    We provide a no-nonsense master the training program in an instructive and professional environment for young players who want to improve their skills. Our training format enables us to meet the needs of new players and those already experienced with the game and who wish to raise the level of their personal ball skills and team play. This is a guaranteed action-packed training session that incorporates a league (optional) where players can showcase their skills with other like-minded players. Matolops Basketball will prepare athletes to pursue basketball even more.
    Four seasons of a high-quality basketball program that strengthens basketball fundamentals are available.
    Training in the winter, spring, summer, and Fall: Boys and girls in grades 5 - 12 are welcome to participate in this 8-week session.

    Training only

    Training only (with guided scrimmages)
    $225 (1.5 hours)

    8 Weeks Session - With 1 or 2 sessions per week

    Spring Session: April - May

    Mondays at 7pm // Sundays at 5pm

    Hillfeild Strathalland College - Hamilton


    Winter Session: January - March

    Spring Session: April - May

    Summer Session: July - August

    Fall Session: October - December

    League Games Only

    League Games Only
    $275 (1.0 hours)

    Includes a jersey & games are fully officiated


    Schedule and League Times:

    Spring Session: April - May

    Fridays - Gr. 9, 10, 11 & 12

    Games starting at 6pm


    Saturdays - Gr. 5, 6, 7 & 8

    Games starting at 1pm

    Training and League games

    Training and League games
    $475 (2.5 hours) save $25

    Includes a jersey & games are fully officiated


    Please note we're only accepting an e-transfer as a form of payment at the moment:


    Send an e-transfer to matolops@live.ca within 24 hours after submitting a registration form.


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  • Gain a Better Foundation for Basketball & Life. Become a stronger and more confident player.

    Players will Master the skills sets that make them stand out, having an impact on themselves as well as on their team. This is an action-packed session of basketball that will include timely instructions, a lot of it, from our training director.


    Elevate your game - Decision making, reading a defense, managing fast breaks, creating your shot, spacing & creating space, attacking and defense.


    Gain the edge -Increase speed/agility, build explosive power, increase endurance and injury-prevention.


    Game Control - Build mental discipline, gain confidence, superior focus, game preparation and improved.


    Increase your production - Specific drills, ball penetration, point guard mind set, train effectively and executing overall game plan.


    Play - Scrimmages and in-game situational play against players of similar skill levels built into training program to test and improve your game.


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